Earth Society Foundation,Inc.

Unity Through Planet Stewardship and Conservation

Earth Society Foundation, Inc. is an NGO accredited to the United Nations

Our Mission

The Earth Society Foundation was formed for the following purposes:

To provide a coordinating body which will create programs, policies and services aiding individuals and institutions in their efforts to nurture, conserve, and care for the natural resources and life of Earth.

In furtherance of these goals and purposes, the Earth Society Foundation shall:

1) Encourage all people to become active participants in the preservation of the Earth’s natural resources.

2) Communicate information worldwide on the effort to revitalize, regenerate and recycle the Earth’s resources.

3) Conduct educational programs and promote research worldwide in the Earth Care Ethic.

4) Enhance programs addressing the threat of further destruction of the environment and demonstrating the alternate approaches available.

5) Coordinate and assist like-minded organizations to maximize effectiveness of the Earth Care Ethic.

6) Foster worldwide participation in the annual celebration of Earth Day on the March Equinox (March 20-21) and coordinate the Peace Bell Ceremony at the United Nations.

7) Cooperate and participate as an accredited non-governmental organization (NGO) affiliated with the United Nations.  
Work with United Nations specialized agencies
and the NGO community in furtherance of our mission.

8) Influence governments, industries, and individuals towards
the development of products and services
which will protect and improve the condition of the Earth.

9) Encourage the flying of the Earth Flag and participation in the Earth Trustee Program.

10) Solicit grants and contributions, administer and disburse gifts and grants of money for tax-exempt educational, scientific and charitable purposes.

One response to “Our Mission”

  1. For many years I have organized Earth Day celebrations on Spring Equinox and the Peace Bell Ringing at the United Nations in Vienna, following a personal invitation by John McConnell. For me, the purpose of Earth Day was always threefold:
    * promote peace by understanding that we only have on earth and therefore we must do everything possible to avoid the damaging consequences of conflicts in a nuclear age.
    * promote Justice – make sure that every individual has an equal share of earths resources.
    * care for the earth as mentioned above.


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